Winter Immunity Tips from Neal’s Yard

It can be hard to keep on top of everything during the winter months. From dry skin, to chapped lips. Too many hours of darkness and lots of time spent indoors trying to keep warm. This year, we’ve got even more to think about, with trying to keep safe from Covid-19.

Your immune system can also take a hint during the cold months, and it’s great to be prepared.  No-one wants to be sick – it spoils our fun, takes up our time and generally makes us feel rubbish. Even if we’re going to be locked down for the next month, I’m sure most of us would rather be well, rather than sipping a hot lemon drink during your Netflix binge.

There are several things you can do which will help boost your immune system and your overall resistance to bugs. Of course, staying indoors during lockdown, and maintaining social distancing when you do go out is vital.


Essential Oils

Vaporising essential oils or wearing them around your person (on a scarf or handkerchief) is a quick, simply and enjoyable way to keep away the germs. NYR Organic Cleanse Blend contains a mix of antimicrobial and antiseptic oils – great for a sick room, stuffy office, or to keep your air clean and fresh at home. Tea Tree Oil is another commonly used immune-stimulant, and is also a great addition for the medicine cabinet.

Just be careful if using some of these oils around pets – especially cats and dogs – as animals can be very sensitive to essential oils, yet many are completely safe to use around them.


Two other wonderful products are the Defence range – with a lovely blend to diffuse, along with my personal favourite, a handbag sized hand-spray which kills 99.9% of bacteria. I prefer to use this in place of hand sanitiser, as it’s not as drying.  It’s a gorgeous, purifying blend of organic niaouli, lemongrass and witch hazel, the all-natural formulation will leave hands smelling fresh and feeling clean, with no sticky residue. 

NYR Organic UK

Tea is my answer for everything, and one of my favourites for immune boosting in Winter is the gorgeous ‘Fired Up‘ herbal blend. It’s a real winter warmer – packed with ginger and turmeric. Turmeric is great at reducing inflammation too. 


Herbs are a wonderfully natural way to stay healthy, with no side effects and no nasties. The delicious tasting Elderberry Syrup is another antioxidant packed immune booster and also suitable for children, so you can keep the whole family on tip-tip form.

Neal’s Yard offer a wonderful range of other supplements too, and they are one of Ethical Consumer Magazine’s best buys in many categories.

If you’d like to ask questions about this range of products, please do let me know. I’m a huge fan of companies which are highly ethical and sustainable, and love to help others discover them.

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I am an independent Neal’s Yard Consultant and will earn commission on products purchased through my links.

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