Conscious Shaving with FFS – For Future’s Sake

For as long as I can remember, I’ve used reusable razors – often from well known brands, thinking I was doing the best thing. Unfortunately, however, the blades were not recyclable and the reusable handle (often plastic with a rubber hand grip) more often than not grew mould on it and I had to get a new one. Not ideal.

For too long, women have had to put up with low quality, plastic razors that were never designed for our bodies. Fortunately, I discovered the FFS metal-handled razor, with a soothing vitamin E strip to glide effortlessly over the skin in fewer strokes.

Not only does it have the effectiveness credentials, it has the eco-friendly ones too. The blades are fully recyclable! All you have to do is send them back (in the original cardboard packaging) as part of the blade recycling scheme. How fabulous is that? All you have to do is pay the postage yourself – the cost of a large letter – personally I feel the environment is worth that. Once the blades arrive back at FFS, they are stored safely until enough have been collated. They are then emptied into a container, where they are ground up to break the materials apart. The metal and plastic elements are then separated…they’re ready to be recycled. Simple really.

The razor and blades are vegan friendly, and FFS are approved under Cruelty Free International’s Leaping Bunny Programme – the globally recognisable gold standard for cruelty-free cosmetics & personal care products. They also have a brilliant natural deodorant (pictured) which is vegan and highly effective.

One of the best things about FFS is that they deliver right to your door, contact free, on a frequency that suits you. Cancel anytime, change your plans, pause your delivery. You’ll even get your razor engraved with your name – or word of choice!

I really can’t fault this razor – no cuts, no snags and each blade lasts well – even on my yeti legs! I love that I can return my used blades to be recycled – it makes me feel in control and able to make another small change for our planet. FFS have also teamed up with Climate Partner, and are on the path to becoming a carbon neutral company. Why not sign up today and get started on your eco-friendly shaving journey?

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FFS sent me these products free of charge. I will receive affiliate credits for any purchases made through these links. All opinions are my own.

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