4 Great Reasons to use a Menstrual Cup!

Friendly warning: For those of you who are a little squeamish about period talk, blood or vaginal terms, you may want to navigate elsewhere! There may be a little too much information in some places, but for those looking for a true review, this is essential!

For everyone still with me, I hope you find this useful!

First things first, why use a menstrual cup?


1 – Health – Tampons have been linked to toxic shock syndrome. Mostly because they absorb pretty much all of your natural moisture within this sensitive area. Menstrual cups have not been linked with TSS and leave your delicate, natural balance unaffected. Tampons also contain lots of chemicals (from bleaching) and fibres which can dislodge and cause infections/irritation.

2- Better for the Environment – every single tampon used makes its way to landfill. When you think of how many tampons a woman uses in her lifetime, and how many women there are on the planet, you can see how quickly this produces vast amounts of waste. Tampon use is unsustainable. There are also lots of chemicals use in the bleaching and production, and this isn’t good for the environment either.

3 – Hassle Free – A menstrual cup is so easy to carry around with you. The Me Luna comes in a handy little bag, so you can keep it clean while it’s in your bag/cupboard/pocket. You can also insert a menstrual cup when you know your period is due, reducing risks of mess/leaking/staining. It’s ideal for taking on holidays too, as it takes up less space.

4- Money saving! – A Me Luna menstrual cup will cost you around £11 and can last you 5-10 years with proper care and cleaning. A pack of tampons cost you around £3 every time. I’m sure you don’t need me to do the maths to tell you that you’ll save a fortune!

When I first decided to give menstrual cups a go, I tried a Moon-cup. I tried both sizes. I just couldn’t get on with them, and thought perhaps a cup just wasn’t going to work for me. I left it a while and did lots of research online.

Turns out I have a low cervix and rather strong pelvic floor muscles, so I was going to need something smaller!  That’s when I came across the Me Luna Shorty. It’s meant to be the smallest cup you can get – it really is tiny! Despite having a fairly heavy flow at times, I was sure that this was going to be the only option for me.

There are so many options with Me Luna. Different stems, different sizes, different styles of stiffness, so many choices! I went for the classic, as even though there is a sport option, as I was a little bit concerned that I would feel it too much, even though it’s decided for tight muscles and ladies’ who take part in sporting activities.


So, in the end I actually ordered a combination pack that comes with a classic small and a shorty small. I was pretty sure the classic small was going to be too big, but the team at Me Luna advised me that it was smaller than a Moon-cup, so I thought I’d give them both a try anyway! I still found the classic too big, and shorty was the only one I could use.

If you need to find out more about the different sizes pictured above, and get some help or advice choosing the right one for you, the Me Luna website has lots of information and you can also use the size calculator.

I was impressed at how much smaller the Me Luna shorty small (right, purple) was when compared with the smallest moon cup (left cup)! I don’t think a moon cup would work for anyone with a low cervix to be honest!


The Me Luna is made from a special type of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) which is approved for the manufacture of medical products and devices. Me Luna contains no bleaches, deodorizers or absorbing gels. Me Luna is free of PVC, silicone, latex, proteins, and therefore hypo-allergenic.

It’s taken me around 4 cycles to really get the hang of it. But I can now say, without a doubt, that I’ve mastered it. All it takes it a little practice and getting to know yourself. A menstrual cup can be kept in for up to 12 hours, so it gives you that bit longer than a tampon. It’s so much easier to forget you’ve got your period, without the worry of leaks or the hassle of changing a tampon more often. I love it and I can’t imagine ever wanting to use a tampon again. The lack of that yucky ‘drying out’ with tampons is all gone too!

The secret is to be relaxed and have time when first trying your cup. Don’t try to do it in a rush on a Monday morning when you’ve got to get out of the door to work. Don’t try to do it in the toilet cubicle of a shopping centre. Do it at home, when you have plenty of time, and when any pain you may have has subsided. There’s no point getting fiddly down there with new things when you’re hurting.

Once you get used to it, you’ll find it only slightly more tricky to insert than a tampon. There are lots of different folds you can use (see website) so just choose the best one for you. You’ll get the hang of when the cup has popped completely open, and you can just run your finger around the outside, pushing your muscles a little to make sure it’s open and sealed. This will stop it leaking. Getting it out is easy – just pinch the bottom and pull! I like the ball stem on the Meluna as it’s small and comfortable. Everyone will have their own preference.


One thing I will say, is it can be a little messy when emptying your cup, and you will have to see and touch your blood and your body. I find it easier to change my cup when I’m near a source of running water. You can always take a bottle of water into a cubicle with you if you’re in a public toilets though, or you can just wipe with a tissue. As long as you give it a good wash when you can, you can just sanitise it will boiling water at the end of your period.

I can most definitely say that using the Me Luna cup has changed my relationship with my period. It’s easier, I feel healthier and less dried out down there, and I can forget about my period for longer amounts of time.

There are many women who have reported that their periods are lighter and less painful since using a menstrual cup. I can’t confirm any of these things yet, as it’s fairly early days. But it is much better for your body.

You can get 1.50 Euro off your order of a single menstrual cup at http://www.me-luna.eu using code: TGMRULHFQ4PO

Remember, if you try it once and don’t succeed, keep trying!  Trust me, it will be worth it!

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