Vegan and Plastic-Free Wax Melts – Ethical Advent Day 2 (Guest Post)

Welcome to Day 2 of my Ethical Advent 2020. Today, I’m delighted to introduce you to a great friend and ethical blogger, Rebecca Hardy who is based in Lincoln, UK. She has written a wonderful piece for you to read today, and I’m so pleased to be able to share her writing with you.

Rebecca has just finished her Master’s degree in Science and Environmental Journalism and uses the knowledge she’s learnt to spread awareness about sustainability. Her main focus is on environmentally-friendly swaps that we can all make to reduce our plastic pollution which she writes about on her blog

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Over to Rebecca…

If you’re looking for ethical gifts this Christmas, a great option is Autumn & Belle wax melts. Kirstie Melville set up Autumn & Belle at her home in Leicestershire in 2019 and focuses on home fragrance and other accessories, including sustainable hair scrunchies made from reclaimed fabrics.

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A big part of Autumn & Belle however, is their wax melt collection. There’s a variety of scents to suit everybody and all are handmade by Kirstie using soy wax and high-quality vegan fragrance oils. All glitter that is used in decorating the wax melts is biodegradable and made from plant cellulose. They look so pretty and they’re kind to the planet – it’s a win, win!

One of the main focuses Kirstie has, is to try and make her packaging as environmentally friendly as possible. All of the wax melts are packaged in biodegradable glassine bags, all shipping packaging is cardboard based and Kirstie only uses acid-free tissue paper in her parcels. She will occasionally use bubble wrap or other materials that she repurposes from parcels she receives from her suppliers. Any repurposed materials feature a little “I’m repurposed!” label and Kirstie encourages her customers to repurpose these materials for their own parcels too.

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Supporting small, independent businesses that focus on environmentally friendly options is a great way to cast your vote for how you want the high street to look. Refusing to buy from big brands that use copious amounts of plastic and unethical materials and practices shows companies what you want our world to look like.

Buying gifts from companies like Autumn & Belle is a great way to introduce your family and friends to eco-friendly options that they could swap to. Maybe you have a friend that loves their wax burner, but buys their melts in little plastic wrappings, that use damaging, artificial scents and beeswax rather than an ethical, vegan alternative. By choosing to give them a gift that you know they’ll love but is a better option for the environment, you can introduce your recipient to a whole world of other options out there.

Autumn & Belle wax melts are completely vegan & cruelty free! Take it from me, their scents are gorgeous and I’ve tried quite a few of them now. My personal favourite is Autumn Apple from their autumn collection and I’ve just placed my first order from the festive collection. These melts should come with a warning for how addictive they are!

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You can get 10% off your order at Autumn & Belle with discount code ‘REBECCA1O.

Follow Autumn & Belle on Instagram @autumnandbelle to stay up to date with the different scents that come out seasonally and for news on the new website, launching soon.

I want to sign off with a big thank you to Lynsey for asking me to write for her ethical advent calendar over the Christmas countdown. It’s such an honour to be featured on a wonderful, well-established ethical website – Monsoon of Random – and to show my support for a great friend.

I’d like to say a huge thanks to Rebecca for writing this post. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. There will be more to come from Rebecca, and I’m really excited to read what she has in store for us next. In the mean time, do visit her page and read the wonderful posts she writes there.

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