Shelter Big Walk – Fighting Homelessness – Ethical Advent Day 10

Christmas might feel a bit different to usual for many of us. However, for thousands of people struggling with homelessness, Christmas will bring little comfort, whilst we are tucked up in our warm homes.

Many people struggling with bad housing and homelessness have already endured the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic without a safe place to live. And now, Christmas will be spent in cramped bed and breakfasts, sleeping in cars, or in temporary accommodation hundreds of miles away from family. This winter, it’s never been more dangerous to be homeless.

No one should have to cope with such misery and stress – let alone at this time of year. It’s unacceptable.

Therefore, on Saturday 12 December, myself and my husband will be joining a nationwide effort to fight homelessness, by taking part in Shelter’s Big Walk, and walking 5km in our local woodland. Us braving the cold weather to walk is nothing compared to the challenges faced each day by those who are homeless, but it’s all for raising funds and awareness.

Shelter helps millions of people every year struggling with bad housing or homelessness through advice, support, and legal services. The money raised will go towards supporting all the people whose jobs and homes are under threat right now.

Events - Shelter Scotland

Every time I walk through a city centre, it breaks my heart to see so many homeless people and for many years, we have been donating money, food and goods to local homeless people and shelters. At Christmas, we always try to donate a little more than usual, and try to help as many as possible
Sadly this year, many night shelters remain closed because of coronavirus. This includes some cold weather shelters that would normally open in winter

I would be very grateful if you could consider donating to the cause via this page, even a small amount.

You can find out more about Shelter using each of the links below, relevant to your region:

Home – Shelter Scotland
Shelter Cymru – The people and homes charity in Wales
Shelter NI Home
Home – Shelter England

All that’s left now is to walk the walk!

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