Take A Mindful Minute – Ethical Advent Day 15

Christmas can be super stressful, or at the very least an overwhelming list of things to do. To help keep yourself grounded and take back a little moment of peace, I’ve asked the fabulous Lynz B from The Balanced Yogi, to create a mindful meditation just for you, this festive season.

Lynz offers a wonderful range of classes, including yin yoga, vinyasa flow, hatha, meditation, breath work, gentle and restorative yoga. These are all recorded live, so you can join in with your fellow yogis, or catch up in your own time. From your living room, space at the end of the bed, or spare room – anywhere you can roll out your mat, you can practice. Available as a subscription – it makes the perfect gift for yourself, a friend or a loved one.

So, give yourself 5 minutes, and let Lynz guide you into a moment of mindfulness…

If you enjoyed that, do take a look at the YouTube channel, where there are some beautiful meditations.

You can find out even more about my experiences of Lynz as a yoga teacher here.

So why not sign up? It will be the greatest gift of movement and relaxation you give all year.

Thanks to Lynz for recording this beautiful meditation just for us, and thanks to you all for reading.

Have a beautiful day!

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