Vegan Feasting… Ethical Advent Day 16 (Guest Post)

Today, I’m delighted to share another post from Rebecca of What Rebecca Blogs. This week, she’s written about her local vegan recipe box delivery. It’s very localised, but hopefully you’ll be able to find something similar in your area.

Recipe boxes are a very popular option for people choosing to have varied meals throughout the week and give you the opportunity to try new recipes that you wouldn’t normally cook. The simplicity and convenience of having all the ingredients pre-measured and an easy-to-follow recipe card makes them a great option for people with busy lifestyles, or for those who prefer cooking to be as quick and easy as possible.

Here in Lincoln, we’re so lucky to have a fab recipe box option in the form of Veg-Out Lincoln. Veg-Out offer a fantastic vegan friendly recipe box service delivering in Lincoln and the surrounding villages. The recipes are full of diverse flavours and locally sourced ingredients from Lincoln local green grocers, Sharpe’s Fruit and Veg. By sourcing ingredients locally, it makes these boxes a more sustainable and ethical choice as the journey from field to plate is a lot shorter than buying imported fruit and veg. These boxes are also free from any unnecessary plastic and use only recyclable and compostable materials.

Where Veg-Out Lincoln is only available in the Lincoln local area, it’s a great initiative and people should look out for similar businesses local to them. Many cities, towns and villages have vegetable deliveries that you can sign up to, which use locally sourced ingredients and these often include recipes you can make with the vegetables in your boxes. In Leicestershire Wonky Veg Boxes offer a delivery of surplus vegetables from supermarkets to deliver to your door with 10% of their produce going to charities and foodbanks around Leicester.

It’s always worth trying these services as they’re a great way to eat locally sourced, fresh produce and support small businesses at the same time. Having tried Wonky Veg Boxes when I lived in Leicestershire, you do get recipe cards included that can help spark inspiration or spend hours on Pinterest like I do looking at vegan recipes to try out with your fresh veggies! I’ve also tried Veg-Out Lincoln and I think if you’re in their delivery area and you haven’t tried them, you must be mad. The quality of the ingredients, the portion sizes and the varied flavours of the recipes are all fantastic and definitely take away the stress of dinnertime.

Veg-Out Lincoln offer a Festive recipe box to ensure your vegan Christmas is hassle-free and having tested this box before its release, I can safely say each course is absolutely delicious! Look out for festive options local to you for a simple, stress free Christmas.

I’ve been watching this year as Rebecca has shared her posts about this lovely box, and I’ve been rather jealous. I’d love to be able to get a vegan meal box in the Leicestershire area. Sadly even some of the big branded recipes boxes still don’t offer a vegan option – so there’s a gap in the market. If you have something in your local area, I’d love you to share with me!

Thanks Rebecca for sharing, and thanks for reading.

See you tomorrow.

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