Zero Waste Christmas Crackers – Ethical Advent Day 17

Crackers are great fun,  but for a moment of enjoyment, there’s an awful lot of waste.

Here is my solution – my favourite Christmas decoration of all. Stunning, reusable metal crackers. Passed down through my family – I’m not sure for how long exactly – but they are the true zero waste item.

Granted, they don’t give a bang – but that’s all the better if you have a scaredy kitty cat like we do! And you can put whatever gift you want in – no plastic tat that nobody really wants, that’s going to end up in landfill.

I haven’t managed to find a modern metal cracker as yet, but there are some lovely reusable crackers on the market, and you could also try making your own.

Earth Conscious Crackers

Linen Crackers from Kate Sproston Design

How do you save waste at Christmas? Please share your ideas.

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