Stay Safe this Christmas – Ethical Advent Day 21

Welcome to Day 21 of my Ethical Advent series 2020. Today is far from the normal Christmas message I’d be sending out, but then 2020 has been far from a normal year!

In light of the pandemic, and various restrictions here and around the world, many of us will be spending Christmas in a different way to usual, and may not be able to do so with our loved ones. Prior to the new announcements here in Britain, we had already agreed with my Father that we would not spend Christmas together as we usually do, despite him being alone. None of us felt it was worth the risk, and I know there are many who feel the same.

If you are spending time with your friends and family, albeit reduced contact, socially distanced, or in a bubble, depending on the rules within your area and country, I ask you do please do so consciously and safely. In a way which ensures that our loved ones will still be here next year. It’s better to have an empty seat at the table this year, that an empty seat for every year to come.

Be sure to use hand sanitiser and clean surfaces, and just be more aware than you would usually. I’d highly recommend the new – and completely natural – hand gel and portable surface spray from Organii – perfect for when you’re not at home.

The 75ml surface spray is perfect for cleaning surfaces when you are out and about, including shopping trolley and basket handles, ATM keypads, door handles and toys. Certified natural it is made with alcohol and organic tea tree essential oil for its anti-bacterial and anti-bacterial and anti-viral effects.

The hand gel is also certified natural with 60% alcohol, and is fast-drying, with added organic tea tree essential oil and organic aloe vera leaf juice for their anti-bacterial and anti-viral effects along with vegetable glycerin for skin hydration. The 80ml size is ideal for when you are on-the-go, protecting you without over-drying skin. I have found this so much better than many of the generic products available. When you’re cleaning your hands more, you really need to take care of them.

Both products are certified natural by Eco Bio Control, registered vegan by the Vegan Society and registered cruelty free with PeTA.

So whilst this might not be the ideal stocking filler, and you’d much rather get a pair of socks, the gift of keeping someone safe is the most wonderful present you can give this year.

Thanks for reading! Stay safe.

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