Donating Clothes during Lockdown

Some of us may be using this most recent lockdown as a chance to de-clutter. I’ve seen lots of recent queries and posts online asking about how to donate when charity shops are closed. So I thought I’d take the opportunity to share my favourite charity shop with you – White Rose – who accept donations via post, and will send you a free bag, with pre-paid Collect+ label for your good quality clothing and accessories.

Unless you live close to Nottingham, in the East Midlands (UK) you may not have heard of White Rose, as all of their 7 stores are based in Nottinghamshire. The good news is that they also have an online store, and this is accessible to many more people, and is where your donations will be sold.

White Rose Recycled Fashion was established as a social enterprise in 2009 by two Nottingham Trent University graduates who were inspired by the work of Aegis Trust , a not-for-profit charity which works to build peace in communities at risk of genocide and mass atrocities and rebuild communities which have suffered from it in their road to healing and recovery. 100% of the profit generated by White Rose supports this charity.

The first time I walked into a White Rose store, I wasn’t sure it was even an actual charity shop. It has a unique look and feel, and I think it helps to takes away some of the stigma surrounding charity shops which still exist. The emphasis here is on high quality, handpicked recycled fashion, and it has led to the stores and online shop to being in high demand. They feature branded and even new fashion items for sale, meaning you can get your hands on luxury second-hand designer clothing without the premium price tag, and with the benefits of sustainable shopping.

Textile waste is currently one of the main contributors to pollution and high levels of CO2. This is partly due to toxic chemicals and dangerous dyes seeping into water supplies and mass fast fashion manufacturers are using large quantities of resources and energy.  Many unwanted clothing items can end taking up huge volumes of space in landfill. If everyone purchased just one pre-loved fashion item this year, it would have a massive, collective and positive impact on the planet.

So, if you’ve found yourself with a pile of clothes and accessories, check out the White Rose website and consider ordering a donation bag – which you can fill and send back at no cost to yourself.

Thanks for reading. I hope this has helped with your fashion recycling during lockdown.

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