Ethical Christmas Gift Guide 2021

Welcome to my annual Christmas Gift Guide. This year has a focus on small, ethical brands and independent authors with an important message to share. It’s important that I only share products which I would use, and have also tried/used and fully recommend from personal experience. You can therefore feel free to reach out in the comments with any questions you may have.

Health & Beauty

Traditionally, most of us will receive at least one product in the toiletries/beauty category which really isn’t for us. Often, this can happen when a very well-thinking friend or family member is looking for a gift for someone vegan, and simply chooses a brand labelled as such. In some cases, this product may contain chemicals which are still harmful to the environment, or artificially scented, or perhaps not actually cruelty free. It’s therefore important to only buy health and beauty products for someone if you are 100% sure about the brand and ingredients.

This is where Love Absolute comes into play. An absolutely amazing brand, which I’ve recently discovered, who create ethical, natural products using ingredients that support insects and pollinators, and also contain the right fatty acids and nutrients to support the health and well-being of your skin.

Love Absolute were kind enough to send me one of their Deep Ocean Facial Mud bars to try out. It’s just like soap – but so much better! I chose this product from the range because of the lovely sounding combination of blackcurrant and marine clay, as well as its claims to calm oily skin outbreaks – of which I have many. It really does the trick. After just a few days of use, I can really notice my skin is less reactive, calm and clearer. Completely plant based and organic, it doesn’t dry out your skin like some soap brands.

This bar is plastic free, and smells divine – infused with soothing Blue Chamomile and Helichrysum ‘Immortelle’ essential oil.

Love Absolute offer a truly unique range of beauty products, and if you love helping those cute little pollinators, this makes a fantastic gift for the eco-conscious person in your life.


I love to give and receive books at Christmas. It’s a tradition of which I will never tire, and so each year, a book is featured. This year, I want to encourage you to “Think Like A Vegan” with this beautiful book written by Emilia Leese and Eva Charalambides.

From basic fairness to politics, economics, love and other aspects of being human, Think Like a Vegan invites the reader to set aside their preconceived notions about veganism, and to consider your daily ethical decisions.

This book is not just for vegans. Society’s injustices are intimately interconnected, including the fight for racial justice, feminism, and ethical production, as are the threats we face together, from environmental collapse to global pandemics.

Seeking to challenge, educate and illuminate, Think Like a Vegan draws threads between essential points of philosophical thought to help answer the fundamental ethical question: How should we act, and why?

I’ve read this fabulous book, and passed it onto several friends, who all agree it’s the best book on veganism out there. So, buy it for your friends, your family, perhaps yourself. It’s for everyone. And it’s available in all good book stores.

Zero Waste from Forrist

Last but not least, my final recommendation for a beautiful Christmas gift is a choice from a huge range of zero waste, ethical, eco-conscious products from Forrist.

Forrist are the UK’s first plastic-free online supermarket where everything is organic and plant-based. They offer a range of products, including basic pantry foods and spices, beauty, seeds and gifts. You could make up your own gift bundle, or choose from one of their hampers, including tea, spices , wellbeing and cooking.

Forrist are also actively fighting hygiene poverty, and they believe that no-one should have to choose between feeding themselves or cleaning themselves. They therefore offer free essential items, menstrual cups and shaving oil, to support those who need it, and raise awareness. For me, this is a great reason to buy a gift from this beautiful company.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed my gift guide this year. If you have any questions, please get in touch via the comments!

Happy Christmas!

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