Reusables… But Better. Probiotic Cleaning from Nookary.

If the first you’ve heard of probiotic cleaners is from the title of this post, you are not alone! I’d never heard of them before I was introduced to Nookary either. So I’ll start from the very beginning. What is a probiotic cleaner?

Unlike most home cleaning products which use harsh and toxic chemicals to disinfect a surface, a probiotic cleaner uses a gentler process, using beneficial bacteria to outcompete with the bad bacteria that is harmful to us. This is similar to the process that goes on within our own bodies. Nookary claims that their eco-friendly probiotic formula actually makes cleaning easier. The cleaner actually breaks down the dirt before you wipe away, and carry on working if you’re busy doing something else – like putting your feet up and enjoying a cuppa . So, I’ve put that to the test over the last month or so.

I was sent this absolutely stunning starter set to get cleaning with. Containing a lovely glass bottle, refill pack, as well as reusable cleaning cloths and sponge, this is enough to get me cleaning for up to 4 months. All you do to get started is top the contents of the bottle up with water, and get going – or rather, let it do most of the work for you. Now , it’s no robot cleaner (shame) so you’ll have to use some of your own energy, but I must say it requires a lot less effort than other cleaning sprays.

I’ve found it exceptional at getting rid of stubborn limescale deposits, especially around taps. And I love using it to clean the toilets – especially as I have the Sicilian Lemon scent. Have I been able to put my feet up and enjoy lots of cups of tea – yes, I have! I’ve found it equally satisfying to spray around taps, toilets and sinks prior to going to bed, and finding that a quick wipe around in the morning leaves it lovely and sparkling.

There’s also something in this cleaner that makes me feel really confident that my surfaces are actually getting cleaned – I find this a really important factor psychologically. The science of probiotics is simply wonderful and I can trust it completely.

The concentrated nature of this product means less packaging and lighter deliveries so less CO2 emissions. The refill packs can also be returned to Nookary once empty, so it’s a zero waste product. Completely vegan and cruelty free, this is a wonder product, and I’m so glad I’ve discovered it.

Why not take a look at Nookary’s range and try for yourself. There’s also a cheeky 15% off your first order.

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