No bleach coming near this bum!

You’ve heard the phrase, “What goes on you goes in you”. In fact, you’ve heard it from me. It refers to the numerous chemicals that are absorbed into our bodies from certain skincare and beauty products. So, you’ve switched your lotions, your toothpaste and your deodorant, but have you thought about the fabrics you wear close to your skin for hours on end?

Fashion retailers across the globe have been caught red-handed using dyes and bleaches that have negative impacts on women’s health ranging from endometriosis to breast cancer and the fabric’s endocrine disruptors can affect fertility. Yet people everywhere are blissfully unaware of the full effects because dye ingredients are not listed on clothing labels. Fast fashion is also responsible for a huge amount of water and toxic dye hazards in the environment.

Chinese Factory Pollutes River –

The fashion industry is responsible for over 2.5bn gallons of wastewater, in China alone, due to textile dyeing (Remake, 2018). Over 250 ‘restricted substances’ have been found in textile manufacturing that pose potential health concerns due to the use of chemicals such as aldicarb, petroleum, radioactive metals, NPEs and azo dyes (,2019). Documentaries like A True Cost and River Blue have appealed for change due to the deadly knock-on effects to the population, as aquatic life has been wiped out and a lack of uncontaminated drinking water for locals only amplifies the water crisis further.

Eco-conscious start-up, TryKind Clothing is raising awareness of the dangers related to wearing harmful dyes in intimate places, and creates underwear and loungewear that is healthy to wear, happily made by local artisans, and uses zero chemicals throughout the whole process – reducing both health and environmental harm.

Photo by Chinh Le Duc on Unsplash

Originating in India and stemming from Ayurveda , the dyeing process of Ayurvasta uses the same plants used in Ayurveda that have healing agents which can soothe as well as boost the wearers’ immunity, minimize skin disorders and relax muscles.

Ayurveda is the ancient holistic medical system from India. It aims to achieve harmony (both physical and mental) with nature. If you are imbalanced in any of your constitution, this is likely to manifest as an illness or issue with the body. Ayurveda seeks to bring back this balance, be it through massage, remedies, nutritional/lifestyle advice and/or selected yoga exercises. You can read more about Ayurveda in a previous article of mine.

All the ingredients for the dyes are locally sourced from the jungle next to the artisan village in Balramapuram, Kerala. The artisans cleverly replace the use of chemicals with minerals to fixate dyes, natural oils to soften fabrics and sunlight to bleach colours. Each different dye has a different healing property from indigo blue’s soothing effects to neem white’s immunity boosting to sappan pink’s skin softening properties. All the underwear has been designed around the dyes’ effects so you can feel ultra sexy in Sappan Pink or surrender to a duvet day in Indigo Blue underwear.

I’ve been testing out the gorgeous blue underwear and pyjamas, relaxing with a good book. They’re super soft and I feel super calm and relaxed wearing them. I didn’t feel confident enough to share a photo of me in underwear with you all – I’m not quite there with the body confidence, although I know many of you wonderful people are. Needless to say, they are very comfortable, soft and giving.

Founder of TryKind Clothing, Alana Redick states: ‘If the fashion industry can evolve with our planet we believe fashion can have a positive effect especially if we TryKind Clothing.’

Thanks to Alana for starting this beautiful company, with a focus on the planet and its inhabitants. I’ll be sharing some more photos of the beautiful clothing in the coming months, so keep an eye on Instagram.

Thanks for reading!

The clothing was provided to me free of charge, for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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