Vegan Lisbon Eats – Tataoim

Greetings from Lisbon, Portugal. After waiting for what seemed like a lifetime to get our belongings shipped here, we’re settled and I’m back to writing again. Life is good.

I’ve decided to run a series of reviews about the amazing vegan restaurants here in Lisbon – there are so many. The vegan restaurant scene here is fantastic – and I’d have to write a book to fit every place into one article. I’m starting super local, with a beautiful little eatery just a few minutes walk away from our new home.

Tataoim is situated just 10-15 minutes walk from the Panteao Nacional Campo de Santa Clara Lisbon, a major tourist attraction. It’s also accessible by bus, including the 712 and the 735.

A fully vegan restaurant, with both indoor and outdoor dining space, this is a fabulous location for brunch and lunch. It doesn’t open in the evenings, so check the opening hours before your visit.

We discovered this wonderful café when we were viewing our new home, and we’re delighted to be neighbours with the friendly Brazilian owners, who make you feel welcome every time you step in the door. Each day, there is a “dish of the day” and a “create your own” style brunch, with numerous options to choose from. If you’re overwhelmed by the choice of breads, accompaniments, drinks and sweet treats to make up the brunch, just ask for help. Below is a picture of one of my brunch selections.

Brunch @ Tataoim

I particularly enjoy the vegan ricotta and hummus. The small “cheesy” kiss breads are an absolute taste made in heaven. You also get a hot drink and cold drink with the brunch, so there are plenty of liquids to wash down your feast. I highly recommend the iced tea.

If you fall in love with the mini croissants – as we did – it’s also possible to order them on their own, along with some spreads/accompaniments. You can also choose from some delicious pastries, made with tofu and vegan cheese.

If you want a hot meal, the daily dish is always a traditional Brazilian dish, which has been lovingly veganised. The feijoada is a tasty bean stew, with a wonderful range of sides. If you’ve not tried Brazilian food before, your taste buds are in for a treat. If you’re like me, and enjoy trying new flavour combinations, these dishes are for you. The banana farofa on the side of the plate was fantastic – I’d never eaten banana with savoury food before.

There are also some beautiful cakes which change on a regular basis. This berry sponge was out of this world.

Tataoim are also participants in TooGoodToGo, the waste saving app. You can sign up and save waste food, by paying a small contribution to the shop/restaurant. Perfect for the environment, and for your pocket.

If you visit Tataoim based on this article, I’d love to hear what you think. It’s a hidden gem, and deserves to be frequented by food loving vegans.

Stay tuned for my next Lisbon food treat…

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