Vegan Shopping in Lisbon

When you first move to somewhere new, it’s really exciting to explore your new surroundings. From finding local spots, off the beaten tracks, the joy of lesser-known cafes and eateries, to discovering the best places to source vegan groceries. In fact, getting those must- haves is one way to make yourself feel at home in your new town or city. So, having moved to Lisbon just under 5 months ago, what have I discovered about vegan grocery shopping here so far?

Diversity of Vegan Food

Vegan options have improved greatly here over recent years, as they have in many countries across the world. You can find vegan options in most large and small supermarkets. These include Go Natural, Continente, Auchan, Pingo Doce, Aldi, Lidl and health food store Celeiro (similar to Holland & Barratt in the UK). Many of these companies have their own brand ranges as well as the popular names. It can be a little hit and miss as to which stores have the best range – but over time, I’ve created a mental list of where has the best organic peanut butter, or which store has the most affordable Beyond Burgers. It’s been great to discover so many new brands.

At the moment my surprise favourite for plant milk in tea is Aldi’s own organic option, which comes in at just 99 cents. It’s always great when your favourite is the cheapest too!

Pictured above is a lovely Magic Bag of goodies from a recent Too Good To Go collection from Go Natural. Go Natural offers a wide range of organic produce and brands. It’s always easy to find tasty vegan food here – and I love that I can still continue with saving food that’s close to its date.

Vegan Stores

I was over-joyed to discover that there is a fully vegan store here in Lisbon – it’s called Green Beans and it’s an absolute wonder. It’s combined with a lovely vegan apparel/cosmetics store called Sapato Verde. It’s such a pleasure to be able to walk in and not spend hours reading the back of labels to look for hidden animal ingredients. Although I do confess to spending hours getting excited about all of the amazing finds.

A few items from Sapato Verde

Organic Supermarkets

Whilst not all products in these organic supermarkets are vegan, both Miosotis and BioMercado have a huge range to choose from. Aisles of natural, eco-friendly products (including a whole aisle of plant milks), essential oils, refill stations and loose dried foods. A great resource to have just a few stops on the Metro from our apartment.

New Finds & Old Favourites

Portugal has a very different culture to the UK, and therefore their most commonly eaten foods are also very different. It therefore makes sense that many of these common foods now have vegan versions, if they were not already vegan. I’ve discovered Acai Ice Cream, Pastel de Nata, and many more. I’ve also found some familiar favourites – namely Vego and Free From Mallows.

Salami and deli sausage is very popular here – and a huge range of delicious vegan alternatives are available. I’ve been busy scoffing them with bread and olives.

Foods you miss

Whilst foods are imported around the world, there are some foods which are hard to find, or you cannot find at all. The Portuguese have their own version of my beloved sausage rolls, so why would they import our strange version – especially if they would not be popular? It’s also very hard to find things like yeast extract (Marmite) and as it’s imported from the UK post-Brexit it is super expensive. I’ve mourned some of my missing foods, but I’ve learned to cope without, found alternatives or simply made them myself at home – although vegan sausages are also different (whilst out of this world amazing) so I’m experimenting with Beyond Sausage rolls at the moment. One brand that is here is Linda McCartney, but they’re not the most ethical of brands anymore, and they just don’t make the best sausage rolls, in my opinion.

There are many discoveries yet to make here in Lisbon, and as with everywhere, new vegan options are popping up in supermarkets everywhere, so I’m interested to see what my next new find will be.

Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful week ahead!

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